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Finding Your Fit

HFS is a financial solutions firm that seeks to provide an integrated array of financial services to help clients navigate through the many financial choices available. We seek to improve their lives through trustworthy advice that focuses on their individual needs, wants, and wishes.

Client Centered

Our integrated services utilize financial and tax planning strategies to guide our advice and manage investment portfolios, including brokerage and retirement accounts, tax preparation services, formal financial plans, and health and life insurance planning.

HFS is founded on the principles embodied by the advisors at J.A. Hill Associates, a financial services and accounting firm in Dover, Delaware, which was founded in 1985. Their approach is to provide personalized financial advice for clients seeking to save and grow assets for retirement and other needs. The approach focuses on the whole life of a client’s household, emphasizing the need to save for the future and to put savings to work by investing in a broad array of investment choices. The approach also emphasizes the need to consider the tax implications of both individual investments and account type. With over 50 years of experience in tax preparation and planning, they always keep tax planning on the agenda when considering investments.

HFS uses this personalized approach and incorporates financial planning using the latest financial planning software to clarify the view of a client’s situation both for the advisor and the client. A financial plan allows the client to understand more clearly the consequences of choices that they must make when planning for the future. It also highlights key areas to focus on such as planning for college education, long-term care, planning lifestyle in retirement, life insurance, and more.

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