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Long-Term Care

Most of us are seeking a long life, but we often avoid thinking about what life will be like in the latter days of our retirement in case of an illness, fall, or diminished mental capacity. It’s an uncomfortable topic. However, Long-term care (LTC) is a fact of life for many of us at some point in retirement. Relying on the government (Medicaid/Medicare) or an untrained family member is often unexpectedly stressful and difficult. Today, there are well-designed, flexible LTC insurance policies that help pay for services from occasional home-care to around-the-clock skilled-nursing facilities. The best plans have tax-deductible premiums and shield a portion of assets if you apply for Medicaid, thus helping to protect assets you planned to pass on to your children.

We will also explore whether there are specific benefits available to help your specific situation.

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